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 “I bought these remarkable wall figurines at a small gift shop, but know nothing about them.” This is a typical comment made by folks who have no knowledge of the W.H. Bossons Ltd. Company, formerly of Congleton, England or of the many and varied wall masks, figurines and wall plaques created by this company over the years. Bossons were never advertised. They were sold in small gift and collectible shops, smoke & tobacco shops, on cruise ships and through selected dealers. Dr. Robert E. Davis, the Director and Founder of the International Bossons Collectors Society authored the definitive volumes on the subject, The Imagical World of Bossons, Books I & II. (Imagical is a copyright protected and internationally registered word coined by W. Ray Bossons in 1973 and subsequently registered in the company’s name). Dr. Davis retired after 34 years in private practice of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and began to restore the ancestral family home on a farm in Rockmart, Georgia, and wrote an anecdotal and pictorial history of his ancestors. The two Bossons books give the history behind each piece and give a comprehensive guide of what is available. Dr. Davis bought his first character wall mask at a gift shop in Atlanta, Georgia and a few years later found a few more in Tennessee. He began to look for them everywhere he traveled and picked up a brochure about Bossons in a shop on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California. He then began a search for discontinued items and in 1979 began corresponding with the Bossons Company itself. It was a dealer in San Francisco who suggested that Dr. Davis write a book on Bossons and the idea germinated. He gradually became convinced of the need for a book about this unusual and distinctive artware; a book that would include a history of the company and a comprehensive catalog of its products. The Imagical World of Bossons – Book I In 1982, after three years of research and documentation, The Imagical World of Bossons - Book I was published. A 9” x 12” hard cover edition with full-color dust jacket, Book I covers the development, history and products of the Bossons Company to that year and allows the readers to realize that there were many more products than just those they saw in retail shops. The 238-page book has color photos of over 350 Bossons products and is invaluable in identifying secondary 
​market items.

The Imagical World of Bossons – Book II After
publishing Book I, the author felt that no further information could be obtained. He never dreamed that a second book on the subject would be forthcoming. However, much new information was discovered and the company created many new character wall masks, figurines and wall plaques. Thus it became evident that a sequel book would be necessary.As further information was received and communications improved between collectors through the newly formed International Bossons Collectors Society, an increase in knowledge on the subject was accumulated. Collectors began sending photographs of discontinued items that had never been mentioned by the Directors of the Bossons Company, nor was there any hint as to their existence in any of the old catalogues. Having a central repository at the headquarters of the Society facilitated the accumulation of information for the collector. The quarterly newsletter, Bossons Briefs, also became a venue for dissemination of information. Not only were newly discovered, discontinued items revealed, but significant painting and model variations came to light as members researched and compared notes. After the first book was published, a resurgence of enthusiasm seemed to be responsible for the creation of many new characters. Since 1982, over 50 new wall masks were developed and put into production. Dr. Davis wrote the second book because he received so many additions and responses to his first book. Book II is a thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated labor of love. Self-published, it is a 9” x 12” hard cover edition with a full-color dust jacket containing 176 pages and 515 full-color illustrations of previously unknown artware and new products created from 1982 to 1994. Book II is not a repeat nor is it an update of what is now called Book I, rather it is a continuation of the original work. Collectors should possess both texts to have complete reference material to aid in the quest for Bossons artware. It is the authors’ desire that novices and veteran Bossons collectors alike find these books helpful in expanding their knowledge of these delightful and unique collectibles.  

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