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The first annual meeting of the International Bossons Collectors Society was held at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on May 2 - 4th, 1986. Thus began deep friendships that continue to this date. With an atmosphere much like that of a family reunion, members meet each year to renew those friendships and boast of new acquisitions during the previous twelve-month period. Bossons artware is swapped, bought , sold and auctioned. Traditions were established and the meeings continued to improve. Other host cities have been San Francisco, Victoria-British Columbia, New Orleans, Orlando, St. Louis, San Diego, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Nashville, Seattle, Tampa, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Irving - Texas, Northern Ireland, twice on Cruise Ships, Oklahoma City, Burlington-Vermont, San Antonio, Sacramento, Cleveland, Hampton-Virginia and Branson, MO. The 35th Annual Meeting is scheduled for 2021 in Newport, RI. Meeting details will follow as more information is received.


The formation of the International Bossons Collectors Society began with a request in 1980 by Mr. W. Ray Bossons for Dr. Robert Davis to consider creating a Bossons collectors club. It was in 1981 that Dr. Davis. after some consideration and having been assured of full support from the Bossons Company, accepted the invitation to form a society. On October 21, 1981, a document of incorporation was drawn up and approved by the State of Georgia. Beginning with a small number of collectors with whom Dr. Davis had been in correspondence, charter membership was inititated in 1981. The first copy of the Society newletter, "Bossons Briefs" a simple photocopied narrative was mailed on September 30, 1982. Its  purpose was to assist collectors in increasing their knowledge of Bossons artware and provide a medium of exchange for new and discontinued models. It also allowed for a central link of communications, which at that time was not available; so as to enhance the collectors' access to discontinued pieces. Improved financial status of the Society made possible full-color printing of the "Bossons Briefs" newsletter as a quarterly publication. IBCS members have enjoyed 121 issues of the Briefs to date. Recipients are kept up to date on happenings in the Bossons world including photos of new discoveries, photos from members showing how they display their collections, a bartering section where members can buy or swap hard to find pieces and much, much more.

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The International Bossons Collectors Society

You can also visit the IBCS website: www.bossons.org

If you would like additional information about the IBCS or wish to join, Donna McLernon - President/Executive Director would love to hear from you.


Collectors attend the annual meetings from all over the continental US and from as far away as England, Canada and Australia. New members are welcomed and warmly received. In addition to an opportunity to socialize, the events provide educational talks, presentations, an auction, a member's swap and shop, a Saturday evening banquet and several other planned activities. A unique aspect of the Bossons Society is that most collectors clubs are organized and run by the manufacturer themselves simply as another marketing tool. However, The International Bossons Collectors Society has always been totally independent from W. H Bossons Ltd. both financially and otherwise. Since it's inception, the IBCS can boast a total membership exceeding 3600 members from 22 countries. IBCS members are united with a common interest - the love of Bossons artware. IBCS annual membership dues are $45.